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6 Signs You Need to Replace Your Car Alternator

6 Signs You Need to Replace Your Car Alternator

In layman’s terms, an alternator is a form of miniature electrical generator responsible for converting mechanical energy to electrical energy. Having your alternator in perfect condition is one of the most crucial parts of owning a car. Of, by any chance, your alternator is in bad shape, you can develop starting conditions, leaving you stranded.

If your alternator fails to function properly, your car is most likely to perform abruptly, leading to various driving problems. Such problems are so common the parts and solutions are available online, like at of the major issues with an alternator's problems is that your car’s battery power reserve might face the situation of running dry, making the car idle, without delivering it much power to start.

Moreover, an alternator is not only responsible for igniting your engines but is also liable to keep it in a smooth running condition, adding to the cruise control of the car. An alternator failure is indeed one of the most significant auto parts and needs to be looked after. Therefore, suggested below are some important warning signs that tell you about changing the alternator in your automobile.

6 Signs that you need to replace your car alternator

While there might be many instances to spot whether your automotive alternator is running out or getting dry, suggested below are the six most significant changes that you will notice if your car starts malfunctioning.

1. Take the “ALT” or “GEN” indicator seriously

One of the most common but important pieces of equipment present inside your car is the “ALT” or “GEN” indicator. Having your car’s alternator in a problematic situation might force one of these indicators to blink their lights. It is one of the first instances of a faulty alternator, and users should take it seriously.

Suppose you see any of the “ALT” or “GEN” indicator lights blinking in the dashboard. In that case, we advise you to take it seriously, even after your vehicle might be running smoothly, or you are not facing any other symptoms. Taking the vehicle to a reliable service provider should be your immediate action to save your car from stalling.

2. Dim headlights

Another major indicator of a dying car alternator is the absurd behavior of your headlights. If your car shows repeated instances of flickering or dim headlights, you should consider it to be a strong signal to get your alternator replaced or, at least, go for a checkup of the same.

The alternator plays a major role in powering the headlights; therefore, having a flickering headlight is the most common symptom that your car alternator fails to power them efficiently.

3. Other electrical failures across your automobile

When your car develops problems over an alternator, it paves the way for chain reaction across the vehicle's body. When your car’s alternator starts to perform abruptly, the chances are high that the other electrical equipment linked to the car will develop problems.

The other spare parts that are concerning the alternator might start developing problems as well. Some of the most common symptoms that the other electrical equipment inside your car might face can range from power windows to air conditioning and even the infotainment. While there might be other reasons for these failures, we suggest you visit your nearest mechanic.

4. Your vehicle has started making abrupt noises

While this might not seem to be a related symptom as there are many reasons why a car can start making abrupt noises. However, most of the time, when a car starts making abrupt noises, it is mostly due to an alternator failure.

As explained earlier, an alternator is linked to many electrical types of equipment and is responsible for its effective function. A small failure in one system might lead to such noises.

5. The car faces difficulty in starting

It should be noted that petrol is not the only thing that keeps your car up and running, electricity also plays a significant role in the same. The alternator is responsible for providing the power that ignites the gasoline in your engine.

Therefore, when your alternator starts facing ignition issues, it is evident that your car starts facing issues over the ignition.

6. Your battery fails automatically

The last indicator that tells whether your car is facing issues over alternator or not is your battery. If your car’s battery fails on its own or is not responding to recharge, it's high time that you get your alternator changed.


Now that you have come across the symptoms, you know that having your car’s alternator in the right health is very necessary. Thanks to the service providers like Boodmo, you can rely on such services without much hassle.

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