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How to Buy Two wheeler Insurance Online!

How to Buy Two wheeler Insurance Online!

For the everyday commute, nothing compares to the ease and comfort of riding a bike. Taking care of one's two-wheeler includes obtaining insurance to guarantee the general safety of our bikes. Nowadays, thanks to technological advancements, we can purchase nearly anything online. The same is true for financial tools like insurance. To safeguard yourself and your family’s assets, it is simple to purchase two wheeler insurance online.

Even though getting insurance can initially be expensive, it can save you a significant amount if an accident results in your physical injury or your two-wheeler being damaged. Additionally, bike insurance bought in lieu of bike insurance premium shields you from all associated obligations and provides financial help in the case of theft or any harm to a third party because of an accident.

H2: Steps to Buy Two-wheeler Insurance Online

1.        Know about your insurance needs: One can find primarily two types of two-wheeler insurance online.  These include comprehensive bike insurance and third-party bike insurance. Two-wheeler insurance for third parties only offers financial security against third-party losses following an accident. A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance coverage will provide financial protection for both your losses and third-party liabilities. You must comprehend both forms of bike insurance premiums before purchasing them.

2.      Evaluate your options: Check out the official websites of the insurance company you are interested in and browse the section for two-wheeler insurance once you've decided on the insurance you want to get. The majority of well-known insurers have user-friendly websites that make it simple to apply for two-wheeler insurance online.

3.      Complete the required procedure: When you reach the homepage for bike insurance on the insurance company's website, go to the buy insurance option to purchase a new bike insurance policy or choose to renew. Once you've made your decision, you'll need to submit your name, your bike's registration number, your contact info, and any other details the insurance company requires.

4.      Select the insurance coverage: After providing the necessary information about yourself and the vehicle, you must decide which type of insurance coverage you want to purchase. Remember that you can purchase a variety of add-on coverages to your comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy, including, among others, the zero-depreciation cover, the consumables add-on, etc.

5.      Complete the transaction: Once you've decided on a two-wheeler insurance plan, upload the proper documents, including your driving license and Aadhaar card. To finish the transaction, you will then need to pay the bike insurance premium.

 H2: Benefits of Purchasing Two-wheeler Insurance Online

Easy user interface and access:Occasionally, while renewing a policy offline or filing a claim, we may not immediately get all of the required documents and must make one or more trips to complete the process. This is not the issue with two-wheeler insurance online, though. Online insurance companies make it simple to access your documentation by mailing them to you as soon as the process is complete.

Cost comparison: Comparing rates and features offered by several insurance companies online will help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Calculation of premium: Calculating the bike insurance premium is made simple by purchasing two-wheeler insurance online, which is one of its many benefits. It can assist you in determining the premium and provide a precise estimate of the associated costs.

Quick and easy payment option: The ability to pay for insurance online using any method that suits you best is one of its main benefits.

Virtual assistance: If you have any questions or concerns throughout the procedure, all insurance companies have a customer support system that will give you all the assistance you require.

Simple renewal process: It is common for people to make mistakes and forget things. With so many things continually in our thoughts, it can be challenging to remember when things need to be renewed and, more crucially, when they need to be renewed to avoid penalties. Online insurance purchasing makes this process simpler for you.

No additional fees: By preventing you from paying more than the intended amount during the procedure, an online transaction will help you save money.

H2: Five Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Insurance Online

1.      IDV - Insured's Declared Value is referred to as IDV. IDV for a two-wheeler is based on the vehicle's ex-showroom price and is determined by the make, model, sub-model, and date of registration of the two-wheeler.

2.      NCB - For each year of your policy without filing a claim, the insurance company will provide you a discount known as an NCB (No Claim Bonus). This discount is only available for the OD (Own Damage) premium.

3.      Third-party insurance - The Motor Vehicles Act requires third-party bike insurance, which is a mandatory insurance policy for your bike. It covers loss, damage, and other liabilities originating from your two-wheeler that affect a third party's vehicle or property.

4.      Deductible - This is the sum that you must pay for every and every claim. This deductible is required. No matter the vehicle's CC (Cubic Capacity). When purchasing or renewing a policy, you have the option of selecting a voluntary deductible, which is the sum you decide to pay out of pocket for each claim you file. This will lead to an extra discount on the premium.

5.      Added covers:  Insurance providers offer additional insurance coverage that can improve your two-wheeler’s insurance coverage.

Two-wheeler insurance will cover any harm your two-wheeler may cause to you, your vehicle as well as a third party's person or property. Depending on your needs, you may select from a variety of bike insurance options and, according to the chosen bike insurance plan, can pay your bike insurance premium online.


Disclaimer - The above information is for illustrative purposes only. For more details, please refer to the policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.


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